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There are 5 suits (yellow, blue, white, green, and red; each corresponding to one of the colored expedition maps on the center board).

Each suit consists of 12 cards: 9 cards numbered 2-10, plus 3 investment cards marked with a handshake symbol.


Each player maintains a hand of 8 cards. There is a shared draw deck. You will sort your cards by suit, by tucking them under your side of the center board. Your opponent will do the same on his side of the center board. Each expedition map on the center board represents a discard spot for the corresponding color. Both players use the discard piles jointly.

On your turn, you must:

1. Add one card from your hand to a suit, by placing it below the corresponding color on the center board OR discard one card to the appropriate discard pile on the center board.

2. Draw the top card from the shared draw pile OR from a discard pile on the center board.

Both actions are mandatory.

Cards must be added in ascending sequence. Number gaps are permitted (for example 3-5-6-9 is allowed). Investment (handshake) cards are played before the corresponding suit cards, ie. in the same position where one would play a card numbered 0. Investment cards can no longer be added to a suit after the player has added any numbered card(s) to the suit.

Players need not embark on all 5 expeditions (colors); only those that are embarked on by a player count toward that player's score.

The round ends immediately when the last card is picked up from the draw pile. The game continues until the players have completed three rounds (or the number of rounds selected during game setup).


Your score for each round is the sum of the points you scored for each of the five expeditions, counted as follows:

1. Take the sum of all numbered cards in the expedition

2. Subtract 20 if you played any cards to it (including investment cards)

3. Multiply by (number of investment cards + 1)

4. Add 20 if the expedition contains 8 or more cards